About Me

For years I have experienced vivid dreams and always had a sixth sense about people and places. As I became older and braver, I began sharing my "hunches" or "knowing" with close friends and family. Each time I shared the thoughts that came to me, my friends or family were shocked and most times delighted with the accuracy of it all.  On many occasions I've done readings for friends of family members and friends of friends. Due to word of mouth and a waiting list of clients, I have just now decided to scale back my daily career and offer my services to the broader public in order to be able to help more people and take my gift to a higher level. In this world I must profit to exist, but I refuse to exist merely to profit.

My vision is to help fellow souls on this life's journey discover the answers that allow them to live free, wise, and as happy as possible. Sharing my gift is my passion.

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